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Our team has been writing and talking about sustainable and ethical finance across the financial media since 2014, from national newspapers to B2B industry titles to small targeted blogs. You can find a selection of our work here.

Can the Church save the climate? | Good with Money

Religion isn’t what it used to be. In an increasingly secular nation, fewer and fewer of us look to God or Her incarnations for a steer on how to live our lives. However, many of us do still expect a certain moral standard from The Church, particularly around its investment portfolio, which in the past has come under scrutiny for holdings in less than upstanding companies.

Decarbonisation nation | Good with Money

We speak to Seb Beloe, partner at WHEB Asset Management, who tells us about how he and his team have been working to even further decarbonise the WHEB Sustainability fund, despite its investments in energy saving companies and technologies already taking hundreds of tonnes of Co2 out of the atmosphere every year.