sustainable finance



New Money provides accessible, jargon-free sustainable finance content, consultancy and research to the media, business, finance, charity and campaign sectors. Our experience and expertise means we can make the complex compelling, and the abstract attractive.



Our breadth of experience across sustainable finance means we can provide a broad range of services: no New Money mandate is too big, or too small.


  • Editorial content on any area of sustainable finance, including:
    – Investment explainers and personal finance top-tips
    – Full market analysis of sustainable investment funds, providers and platforms
    – Full website content for new or existing sites
  • Technical articles for media and business-to-business titles on areas including the financial advice market and macro-economic and sustainable development trends


  • Consultancy on sustainable finance including current legislation and marketplace
  • Guidance and management for charities and NGOs running sustainable finance campaigns
  • Strategic planning for internal and external communications on sustainable finance


  • In-depth research into the sustainable finance market through our sponsored investment guides, The New Money Manuals
  • The New Money Pension Manual breaks through the silence surrounding pensions in the UK, showing people how they work, and how they can use theirs to build a better world
  • The New Money Guide to Greenwashing explodes the rising problem of fund managers over-egging green credentials, showing investors how to spot it and where to find truly green funds


The New Money approach

Research & Analysis

We work closely with providers, advisers and analysts in the sustainable finance space to stay on top of the latest offerings, utilising two decades of combined experience and working relationships.

Audience Awareness

Through a combination of research and on the ground experience, we consistently build a picture of consumer and investor attitudes to money and sustainable finance, helping us to understand what people need and want.

Execution & Monitoring

We are hands on and readily available: we work closely with all of our clients to ensure they get exactly what they expect, both on delivery and at any time afterward. We’re all working together to build a better world.

From The Founder

“Why we need New Money”

“The world is changing fast. Not for decades have we seen such a spirit of change among people from all over the world, who – unsatisfied with the status-quo – are now taking to the streets to demand governments and businesses do more to make the world a cleaner, safer place for everyone…”

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