The New Money Mission

The New Money Mission is to change the shape of global capital by making sustainable finance accessible to all.


New Money was founded in the belief that, while there is some promising development going on in sustainable finance, what we really need is a New Money Movement. We need a moment that mobilises the trillions of pounds we need to save the world, and that can also propel people toward the financial freedom their hard work deserves.

Creating change

A sustainable world

Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals will create 380 million jobs for people all over the world and result in government savings of £20 trillion worldwide, while also ensuring we have clean air to breathe and water to drink. Right now, though, funding is coming up more than £2 trillion a year short.*


Annual SDG shortfall*


New jobs created by achieving SDGS**

*SOURCE: UN Development Programme 2017
**SOURCE: UN Roadmap for financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


NEW Money for everyone

The SDGs matter to us all, and can only be achieved if we all make sure our money matches our morals. While finance is often seen as the preserve of the wealthy, the truth is that almost every one of us is involved in the global financial system.

The money in our bank accounts is invested, as are our pensions and insurance premiums, and most often not where we would like. We can all have a say how and where our money is used – if we know how.

A rapidly growing body of data also suggests that investing sustainably makes investors more money, while continuing to plough money into destructive industries such as fossil fuels is not only destroying the planet, but people’s pensions and savings.

The New Money Mission is about protecting our financial, as well as our planetary future.


Barclay’s investment in fossil fuel since 2015*


Tobacco investment in UK local authority pension schemes**



The New Money manifesto

Businesses and organisations that stay on the front foot of this movement stand to benefit enormously. Investors and regulators all over the world are already recognising the risks inherent in maintaining the status quo, including potential legal challenges from savers and investors in the future.

Organisations helping their staff and members to understand how their money affects the world will be the trusted thought leaders of tomorrow.

01. Educate people about how and where their money is used

02. Empower them to make personal changes and demand system change

03. Lead the finance industry and businesses into the sustainable future

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