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“The New Money Mission is to change the shape of global capital by making sustainable finance accessible to all.”

01. NM

New Money is a sustainable finance specialist that provides content and consultancy services to the media, businesses, campaigns and charities. From articles and videos to engaging staff communications and campaign strategy: we can help take new money to the masses.

02. WHY

A new money movement is coming – one powered by the ordinary people that own the capital that makes the world go-round. We plan to nudge it along and help you to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing landscape.

03. How

Knowledge is power. Money isn’t inherently difficult or boring, and the key to changing this idea lies in sustainable finance. Every single one of us can change the world for the better with our money: it’s just most of us don’t know it. We’re here to tell everyone.

Creating Change

Making money count

At New Money, we focus on helping people make their money count the way they want it to. Whether it be a few hard saved pennies or a multi-million pound portfolio, we know everyone can match their savings with their scruples, provide for a more comfortable future, and help the world to develop sustainably and equitably through their bank accounts, savings and investments.


Of Britons want to invest sustainably*


UK sustainable investment share

*SOURCE: Difid National Survey 2019

The team

The New Money team

Rebecca Jones, founder of New Money

Rebecca Jones


A financial journalist and communications consultant for nearly a decade, Rebecca has worked across national media, b2b, charities and for the UK’s most established sustainable investment team.

Anna Fedorova, writer and consultant at New Money

Anna Fedorova

Writer and Consultant

Former news editor at Investment Week and a freelance journalist across consumer and b2b media, Anna is a finance industry expert with a passion for making the world a better place.

Abbie Jones-Walters, digital assistant at New Money

Abbie Jones-Walters

Digital Assistant

A life-long environmental and social activist, Abbie is an experienced copywriter, digital marketer and New Money’s social media guru.


What we do best


We work with the media, businesses, campaigns and charities to help raise awareness of the power we all have to change the world, one penny at a time.

Up to the Minute

Whether it be an editorial feature, a conference speech or helping a business explain its pension to staff, we place organisations at the forefront of the New Money conversation.

Personal Finance

From ethical and green bank accounts, to insurance and energy products to sustainable stocks and shares ISAs and pensions, we cover all things sustainable money.


We can help businesses harness internal and external communications to engage staff in their money and your work and policies on sustainability.


No campaign is too big or small to change the world. If you want to help new money move in the right direction, we can help.

New Money Pension Manual

The cornerstone of the New Money Mission, the New Money Pension Manual aims to mobilise the £32 trillion* of assets currently sitting in pensions to build a better world. Download the latest HERE [PDF download].

*Source: Willis Towers Watson, 2019

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